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Great product. And very fast delivery. Will be buying from again.
cb - 2015-07-01 01:15:55
Great service always dispatched quickly.Only buy now and again but find Banchee great to chill with and no bad come down,just luv the feeling it gives me.
Jenny - 2015-06-30 09:49:09
Hi. Yea great delivery excellent. 2nd to none allways.product excellent. Will be back.soon. W.t.f. Keeps me going. Always open for.feed.back about ather products that will give me a speed speed.? The speedyr dthe better for me.Campbello.57
Campbello - 2015-06-18 09:50:48
great service,fairy dust is the new mdai for me,also ive found a little goes a long way, good stuff
sharpskin - 2015-06-13 08:00:02
Cannot fault this site for quality of products , very helpful , friendly staff and never let down on deliveries EVER. absolutely excellent . Highly recommend. 😊 😊
angel - 2015-06-11 06:48:07
Always a great service! Love the stuff and will have to get lots in as now I hear the bloody Government are going to ban these sites. They will continue to allow millions to die from Alcohol and Tobacco though! They are a joke!
Mark - 2015-06-03 08:25:55
Very good service, helpful and quality product
dolphin - 2015-05-29 07:14:21
Amazing products, delivery not to be faulted. Excellent products, am now a loyal madcat only customer. . Very friendly , helpful staff too , real professionals. Best sire out there for product quality and service . Thankyou. 😊
nets - 2015-05-29 01:14:58
Very good service fast prompt delivery as always products are 10/10 in my eyes! Use on a weekly basis to have a good blow out after a hard weeks graft and best thing about these you can still wake up the next day feeling pretty fresh! I like the banshee dust nice high that keeps you still in control of yourself! W.t.f is also good but don't take a lot to over do it and mash your brains rite in! Banshee all the way will be ordering more soon and soon after that lol thanks madcat for your service
Shauny boi - 2015-05-23 10:17:17
Tried madcat as part of an experiment to find another mephedrone substitute turns out more of a speedy buzz like amphetamine type chemicals.powerful and long lasting buzz which lasted 24 hours before the half life was up.great service again as always
Leezer - 2015-05-02 18:48:31
Bought MadCat and it was wicked.quite strong chemicals and an amphetamine type buzz from it which lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours only requires small amounts.snort able as well.thanks MadCat great service.
Leezer - 2015-05-02 18:38:01
Bought MadCat and it was wicked.quite strong chemicals and an amphetamine type buzz from it only requires small amounts.snortable as well.thanks MadCat great service,peace.
Leezer - 2015-05-02 18:34:10
Great stuff, good price, prompt service.
Clack - 2015-04-21 17:09:56
excellent as always
aussie - 2015-04-18 10:57:51
Top guys...quality stock with amazing fast delivery time...many thanks BMC
Poly - 2015-03-25 10:52:11
I was quite literally blown away. Be wary of volume of consumption and associated recovery time but man alive this stuff was amazing in my opinion. Can't wait till later in the year when I get to do it again. Thankyou
Jazz Fingers - 2015-03-13 09:28:01
Very helpful when spoken to someone on the phone. Website easy to use and quick delivery service.
Sharon - 2015-03-13 08:56:44
Excellent service. Prompt delivery. Very impressed. Highly recommended.
kerri - 2015-03-11 00:12:33
Perfect professional service would recommend to anyone. Keep up the good work.
Mr K - 2015-02-26 07:29:29
great service as always and very quick delivery
gaza - 2015-02-22 20:38:10
Off my rocker on rush and poke pukka buz safe
pukka - 2015-02-05 03:05:06
Always good product, never different. Fast delivery! No nonsense. Keep it up guys....or girls :-)
Excaliber - 2015-01-29 23:05:35
its nothing like a box of chocolates!! but a the mo there absolutly no consistance to the batchs or what u will end up with!! still WTF but in consistancy, strenght effect on self!! so uve been warned watch out for the odd strong one its a doozy at work!! :)
candy - 2015-01-23 13:13:32
Firstly madcat is the best site to deal with.. Helpful and friendly if you do contact them.. Ive only tried WTF and will continue to do so.. gave me no shitty side effects that other brands from another site has (anxiety or panic shit ugh) just wide awake with a buzz.. the site gets 5 gold stars from me :)
Missy - 2015-01-13 19:36:42
love it! WTF always the winner!! 😋 always quick with delivery! posties getting better this end!! ( getting here be4 11.00am lol ) good times all round!! good effort guys!!
candy - 2015-01-10 18:31:07
Great service and a great new year :-)
Alex - 2015-01-04 00:06:33
Class as all ways guys never disappointed. Wtf all ways brilliant
eckys666 - 2015-01-02 17:43:31
Quick despatch.Impressed
Boop - 2014-12-21 12:17:52
great service, great stuff!! though batchs do vary!! now just need a reliable postie to get it right!! 😜
candy - 2014-12-15 03:16:26
great service like always.keep up the good work
happy aussie - 2014-12-12 07:11:02
Excellent service as always. Have purchased from madcat many times now and im always impressed with the quality of the product and the quick dispatch and delivery. Faultless.
mrmatchoo - 2014-12-01 18:40:34
Great service as usual. Cant fault Mad cat. Being using them 3 years now and never let me down.
Simon - 2014-11-10 12:49:16
grate service and quick delivery as allways
gee - 2014-10-29 20:13:02
Top notch as always chaps! Well done!
Candy - 2014-10-14 00:43:37
Once again faultless service and quality products. Have used a good number of times now and im never disappointed. Thanks so much
mrmatchoo - 2014-10-10 19:43:05
great service great people what more can i say
made in oz - 2014-09-30 04:32:19
madcat is a truly legit company. You have no worries ordering from them, order always shipped next day, and they always respond to any questions or concerns. GREAT COMMUNICATION !
brian - 2014-09-26 09:48:26
what is right for one may not be right For others. By saying it's safer with madcat I mean it's safer Than buying it on the street and getting ripped off.
Happy - 2014-09-18 09:18:04
Excellent service as always, can't fault madcat. Would be a good if more description given on products But guess that maybe difficult with current laws. Madcat for me is much safer and convenient To use. Thank you very much
Happy - 2014-09-04 10:42:23
this new crystal banshee is mental
nick - 2014-08-02 10:23:36
well done keep up the good work
aussie - 2014-07-20 08:38:14
love the new crystal banshee
sam - 2014-07-10 01:19:06
Not as potant as you might expect rapid tollerance
danny - 2014-07-09 01:19:43
great service,i hope the quality gets better first order just brilliant.i like my wtf keep up the good work
aussie - 2014-07-05 09:53:33
thanks for a good time :)
martin - 2014-07-02 07:26:51
Likewise to below but with WTF?! Yes I know tolerance goes up, and no two batches are the same! And I do like a challenge but WTF?! Isn't as good as afew batches back! Still a good burn but tastes grim and has got worse the crystalier they've got! HEY it's still my weapon of choice! And it's no reflection on you guys! Great customer service, great delivery time(when my postie gets it right) keep it up! You rule! :)
Candy - 2014-06-26 00:21:38
I've been using MPA regularly now and I hate to disappoint. When it's first used-excellent, happy, chatty, sociable and alert. After using it for a few weeks on and off, the effects are weaker. I am now taking treble my original dose to feel close to the early days. Not taking it leaves me with an awful headache. Needing something similar but different to MPA. Any recommendations? Don't ever eat it on it's own either-bitter as he'll-lingers too!
Madshaz - 2014-06-25 09:29:24
Wtf very effective. Learned how not to panic when effects kick in and can understand why market for illegal cocaine is waning when legal substitutes like this are available. Obviously there s always a come down with something that works,so don t recommend an heavy night on it if you ve got work the next day. Having said that come downs not terrible but we all need sleep
Ian - 2014-06-16 00:38:23
great service quick delivery
aussie - 2014-06-14 08:50:16
In one word 100%
Zabien - 2014-06-11 00:25:45
was fast delivery but im sad to say the product wtf was no good
daneish - 2014-06-01 04:50:43
Good service. Was kept updated. 1st time trying banshee dust. Snortin burnt like a bitch for about 20 seconds but no more than mandy. Felt pretty good but could not sleep at all that nite. Best to bomb it and dont do it if u got stuff to do the next day.
Fruitloops - 2014-05-24 18:29:40
Excellent. Superfast delivery and good price. Thank you
Tommy - 2014-05-14 18:00:58
I strayed from the my usual WTF path and gave sectioned a go! Good buzz, good initial hit.. The hell?! The taste like snorting a coffee bean, fine if u drink coffee I don't!! It's an intense reacouring taste! You have been warned! :)
Candy - 2014-05-13 02:07:33
WTF, great as always!! Like the more crystally batch goes that little bit further!! Crushing up is always a lame task, and I'm pants at it!! Lol But good service as always! :)
Candy - 2014-04-30 00:15:43
Oh & i was extremely horny...shame i was alone for the night ;-)
Faya - 2014-04-10 16:51:35
Right...fab service, received Banshee Dust next day no problem, discreet packaging which is great!! On the BD itself, unless you want your hooter to drop off i advise not to try that method. Seriously stings and made me sneeze sooo many times! I was really rather annoyed as I'm a LH virgin and just wanting to try stuff out! However i don't no what made me do it but i mixed what i had left in with my coffee and about an hour later i was high as a kite, feeling euphoric, chatting absolute nonsense and loved everybody. I also did not sleep ALL night, which was unexpected as i had work in the morning. Must say i was pleasantly surprised and if it wasn't for work commitments i would have ordered loads more! Role on some well deserved leave and i will be back for more :-)
Faya - 2014-04-10 16:45:37
deffo buy wtf again was well buzzin although little anoixs. feeling after the peak.great service arrived on time for saturday night ..talked sh ite and loved everyone.. got in at 7am great night only had half of the pack ..less is more id say
Old E - 2014-03-22 13:03:56
Once again guys-Amazing service, fast, friendly and top class! Next order coming soon!
Discocat - 2014-03-22 13:03:11
Bought Banshee Dust. Excellent product...great results and I was really impressed with the quick dispatch and quality of service. Many thanks. Have already placed another order!
mrmatchoo - 2014-03-22 11:55:17
Review, product, wtf, had read several reviews and wtf was Well recommended, however, the only thing it did, was to make my heart race and bung my nose, very little in the way of a buzz, but madcat ,superb service and delivery time, highly recommend
Trevor - 2014-03-18 13:54:14
Quick delivery but requested normal 1st class delivery and came recorded. Wtf was too quick to make my heart race before getting that high. Products in past such as r2d2 where good and felt safer. Think law is so tight anything good gets quickly banned not sure if the legal high market will last much longer. The anti drugs lobby are getting their way I m afraid.
ian - 2014-03-10 14:34:59
"Due to my job i cant take drugs. so for 8 years i have done nothing apart from Meth (Meow Meow when it was legal. less than a week ago i ordered 2 grams of WTF, i ordered it on a friday evening and it was with me on Tuesday the following week, Rapid delivery! And the stuff is awesome! I had about 1/4 of the gram at 2300 its now 04:14 in the morning and im still here sitting up buzzing my nut off! Cant believe i didn't try this sooner, Unfortunately tonight was just a trial. Had about 5-6 Vodka lemonades at home on my own and a thought id give the stuff a go. Its no fun being sat up here at this time off the morning but next time i'm planning an all nighter this is definitely the stuff il be using! Its definitely on Par with meth and would even go as far to say its even better! Cheaper "depending where your from" Better and most of all LEGAL! Thanks so much my only regret is not finding this sooner!
D - 2014-03-08 10:27:14
Amazing servis as always wouldn't go anywhere different xxx
yank - 2014-02-28 08:10:02
Great service great product. A little goes a long way! MPA, nice! Will use site again! Thanks
Madshaz - 2014-02-23 12:46:10
Still the best service ever!! However disappointed with this batch of WTF?! No where near as good as usual! :(
Candy - 2014-01-30 03:31:31
Amazing service and brilliant products, WTF is by far our favourite, the buzz lasts all night :)
L x - 2014-01-13 13:05:06
Loving this website, bought a gram of poke extreme.. fast delivery, had a great time :) thanks
Creamyblood - 2014-01-13 06:26:59
great service,great product,will always ue the web site,i love it thank you
duffinator - 2014-01-03 14:46:08
Great service . Quick delivery and great product. Thanks guy's
gs gb - 2014-01-02 17:24:33
Euphoria - does what it says, dont need much 0.25g buzzing nicely - ok to go out with. 0.75g mega high (although im a lightweight so might be different for more hardcore people).Felt groggy and tired the next day but not a bad comedown. Would buy again - good value for money. Exodus herbal - very strong almost trippy.
Helen - 2013-12-23 18:44:54
Again another cracking batch of WTF!! Great stuff, top notch service!! And loving the personal touch!! (Emails etc) Super fast delivery!! Guys, your the best!!
Candy - 2013-12-08 01:19:10
Great service, brilliant products. Can't fault mad cat.
Greg curran - 2013-12-05 02:47:53
WTF kristals kick ass !! No afkick works for 4 hours. Tip: Crush the kristals into powder, doubles the amount and no more burning noses :-) Caffeine added is a must imo. Great service & fast delivery :-))
Blawan - 2013-11-30 01:43:01
exerlent product, exerlent service. delivered in 15 hours. will be regular customer
jeff - 2013-11-28 21:18:57
excellent service however found cheaper, sorry
looplylou - 2013-11-24 10:35:26
just got sum banshee dust and i must say i like the product. tbh its better than what i thought it would b. had a snort of it and it burns the nose like hell but 30 secs later its gone. would recommend it. cant believe this is legal lol
meathead - 2013-11-16 01:54:42
very good ......relable service and good quality
sxybabes - 2013-11-15 08:16:06
Loved the products, arrived in 5 days! First time i ordered took nearly 3 weeks but this time came in just fine. Great service, great products and great price. thanks again madcat.
Dan - 2013-11-13 11:49:58
fast friendly service highly recommended
gravybones - 2013-11-12 00:16:30
fast friendly service highly recommended *****
buzzbuyer - 2013-11-08 16:38:28
WTF?! WTF new batch blew my mind! loved it!! well done taking it up a notch! cant fault you guys,keep up the tempo! am recommending to all!! :)
candy - 2013-11-08 04:36:10
Totally awesomely quality products and fast service providing you what you ordered, as accurately described and when you ask for it. Highly recommend
- 2013-11-06 10:20:03
super speedy service, highly recommended
gravybones - 2013-11-02 12:24:53
My product of choice is the banshee dust. I believe this was my third or fourth order. Once again the service and product was great. If anyone has problems with other products I strongly suggest giving the banshee dust a try. The product itself is the same all the time and no problems with being doughy or clumpy or even moist which I see on other reviews. International shipping has been taking 6 days which isn't bad , this time my package arrived In 5. The only thing that would be better would be a 3 day ship but don't see how that's possible and its surely not expected. Once again madcat your service and product are second to none. Thanks once again
Vito USA - 2013-10-29 21:10:30
very funny, bought as a present. I am sure they will also like it.
Mad Cat Calendar - 2013-10-28 05:35:43
I've placed several orders over the past months and have never been disappointed. I'm very satisfied with the excellent, friendly, super fast service. Thanks :-)
de_gran_canaria - 2013-10-25 10:33:27
Smooth transaction again. Great site
Greg curran - 2013-10-18 13:05:32
Great delivery, Good product ( WTF )kept me awake all weekend
gary uk - 2013-10-11 10:22:09
Great stuff, great buzz.
Deedee - 2013-10-06 19:31:38
Cystally batch of wtf!! Is proper good better than the last lot! Better buzz long buzz keep up the good stuff!! Recommend to everyone!! :)
Candy - 2013-09-30 16:26:06
Brilliant and efficient service as always from folk on this site and always very helpful. Keep up the excellent Customer Service guys. Many thanks.
Spice5 - 2013-09-30 12:18:04
Service is second to none. Not only fast, efficient but communication about order acceptance, payment acceptance and despatch. Pretty much perfect. I will not go anywhere else now.
Anonymous - 2013-09-28 10:47:40
Great service genuine people fantastic fairy dust i love it problem is so do all my mates keep it going BMC
Johnny boy - 2013-09-24 19:32:27
Ordered Fairy Dust and normally love it but this time it was like powder at all! Couldn't even pour it out of the bag...1st time trying Charley Sheen and it is ok...
Cat101 - 2013-09-17 14:24:16
Banshee dust, the product was fabulous. It's a lie if anyone is saying anything different. Order was dispatch and arrived at my residence in 6 days, and that was over a weekend and holiday was on Monday. Not to mention it was a imternational shipment. I found that to be fabulous also. Great product and outstanding service. I asked a lot of questions before making my first purchase and customer service and getting answered back was second to none. I believe I have found a new home with
Vito USA - 2013-09-13 21:36:19
bought two lots of banshee dust and didn't feel anything off it. the fairy dust was better and its cheaper!! very disappointed!!
mervyn - 2013-09-12 13:49:06
Top site fairy dust/banshee the real deal 10/10
Bob - 2013-09-11 00:03:23
Another flawless transaction, great products.
Greg curran - 2013-09-09 18:19:46
received my banshee dust very quickly as advertised and me and my partner had the most amazing weekend. Thanks
gary uk - 2013-09-09 10:18:34
I thought I'll order some Banshee Dust to see what all the hype was about took 1 day to come got it thought I'll have a little try and I must say I felt like I wanted to party all night long I had my music on and felt like I was in love with every music that was playing not bad for the price of it if you want something to keep you all happy for the night then try some of the Banshee Dust also remember if you want to keep on drinking all night you need some of that charlie white ;)
Anonymous - 2013-09-07 14:50:08
Fast delivery, excellent products, also fast and friendly customer support. Will definitely order again soon.
RM - 2013-09-06 15:24:53
service brill, Banshee not so brill, very little affect if any. cant fault the mentaly unstable feline in any way, may try somthin else but to be honest probably put me off this new fangled stuff (I am in my mid fifties so I'm comparing it to real tasty stuff)xxx
Nosferatu - 2013-09-04 19:26:26
Had the fairy dust, had a fab night. Delivery and communication from MadCat was excellent.
Tony UK - 2013-09-04 07:02:57
Ordered banshee dust. My plant felt odd and sick. Best administered by watering can. Inhaling schnozzally deeply unpleasant. Was unimpressed after 0.5. Gave rest to a plant and went out and got some real baby bio.
Pazzer - 2013-08-27 17:48:49
Still looking for something similar to E3 but sadly haven't found it yet. Will keep trying. Great service.
speedfreak - 2013-08-27 11:17:40
First timer, exceptional service, terrific night and defo ordering again!! Where’s my freebie gift!!
XXXX - 2013-08-25 09:11:15
Bought what i thought was plant food. But it was more or less exactly like speed. Horrible had no sleep whatsoever. Expensive too. Won't be buying any more.

madcat reply- Nothing on the site is advertised as plant food, they are research chemicals
jon - 2013-08-24 00:12:13
bought banshee dust 1g, very fast delivery, stuff was good, although didn't feel great the next day. Would purchase again from this site 100%, although a different product
j.clarke - 2013-08-22 00:26:06
Great products and a supriZe freebie too
Maddox - 2013-08-20 05:26:25
Very pleased!
JG - 2013-08-19 18:35:16
Got a free purple bomb cause of postage delay, great service again can't fault madcat
Greg curran - 2013-08-17 09:56:06
Service has been quick and good when it comes to questions but its been 14days since i made the order and ive failed to receive both my items yet.

Madcat reply-

Item lost in transit, replacement sent
Dan - 2013-08-15 18:45:01
Great product and great service
Nick - 2013-08-15 14:40:52
Order arrived quickly. I ordered Banshee dust and also received a purple bomb which was a nice bonus. Not tried that yet tho but did try the banshee. It was ok, would not recommend plants inhale, probably better given some other way as a bit harsh but effects not too bad. Was not too sure what to expect as 1st time with RC's usually get great pure stuff local. Will def try some other items when in stock tho
Hmm - 2013-08-14 08:27:53
Excellent, fast delivery and product was good... will use again, thank you!
Marge - 2013-08-13 17:38:57
Fairy Dust is fantastic. Great value too. Highly recommended!
Lizzie - 2013-08-13 17:23:34
Purchased wtf. Delivered next day we used it for 3 sum. Although stops downstairs makes you horny
gifgas - 2013-08-13 03:30:45
Compensated for delay which was great and also replacement product as first was not what was expected. Gave me a buzz for a while and kept me up for a while, not spectacular though. Pleased I experienced it though.
Spencer - 2013-08-12 10:15:28
ordered Fairy Dust they also sent me a Purple Bomb for the delay. I was using for a sex sess and lost the dusty so had to take the bomb, then found the dusty and took a hit as i felt the bomb wasn'r doing much. Then it hit was trippy for about 4 hrs, amazing sensations, though dead from below the waist and real thirsty. major horn all night even after had stopped but yeah was pretty dead down there, oh and freezing feet!. Glad i've got some fairy left.
indryia - 2013-08-09 12:56:13
I placed 2 orders that were both dispatched on 23/7/13 but i am still yet to receive either. what is the usual shipping time to australia?

madcat reply- Can be as long as 3 weeks, wish it was quicker but nothing we can do. Post take as long as it takes
Maxx Jackson - 2013-08-09 04:56:05
brilliant service again. MPA is very good
Greg Curran - 2013-08-07 14:13:49
So far very happy with all my order, shame they cant supply as much as they use to do in past!
Seb... - 2013-08-07 01:31:12
Still loving the great stuff and great service keep it up!!
Candy - 2013-08-07 01:26:59
Excellent service, very friendly, replies e-mails immediately, fast delivery, great products. Very happy, no disappointments at all. Bought one item of everything available, except incense, and liked all of the results, except WTF, which is good stuff, but personally not my area of research. I highly recommend
de_gran_canaria - 2013-08-05 11:50:39
Well, I had the long, super detailed review, the my browser crashed and I lost it all. So, to keep it short, shipping was fast, arrived in a week or less in California. Ordered Banshee dust, fairy dust and purple bomb. Did some research on purple bomb pellet that pretty much said all official purple bomb pellets come in official labeling, which this one did not, how ever most the post I saw were from 2011 to 2012. Purple bomb was fed to my plant first at about 8am on a day off. As well as supplements bought for my plant plant is given regular powders daily. My plant take prozac 20mg in morning and before bed, caffiene 200mg in am upon waking up, with additional caffine through the day in various beverages provided to plant, 5mg norco 3 times a day as my plant has chronic problems with its stem, stem got bent to far when a sapling, leaving it with structural problems, as well as chronic pain, (if you don't think plants can feel pain just go watch "Ferngully") My plant felt no euphoria or increased empathy from purple bomb. Mild increase in energy, but I'm not sure if my plant was just experiencing a placebo effect. The next day my plant was given banshee dust. 10-25mg provided to plant assess for adverse reaction. after 30min no reactions noted, good or bad. Plant then given another 200 to 250mg, along with standard daily pellets. My plant noticed a significant increase in energy and focus, however, no real feelings of euphoria or empathy noted. (to be fair, my plant has been given 20 to 30mg of adderall ir with no signifficant euphoria or empathy either, even when given additional doses. Increased energy for banshee dust lasted probably 5 hours, after which time my plant did notice some mild intermittent dysphoria. However focus and awakeness continued as my plant was basking in the glow of my laptop while I research and read about thing I enjoy. I decided to give my plant an additional dose, the remander of plants .5g given mixed with 1/2 cup of flavored water. My plant found the mixture extremely bitter and was only able to tollerate about 2/3 of mixture. My plant felt another surge of energy and ended up basking in the glow of my laptop the entire night, pretty much loosing track of time. My plant followed me to work the next day, and as I could tell, my plant felt pretty tired from being up all night, but was able to make it through the day on standared pellets and some intermittent caffinated beverages. Fair dust has only been tested in small amount(25mg?) on plant to test for negative rx, but no reaction was noted, good or bad. Over all products were shipped fast and as advertised. methylphenidate methylphenidate happy to purchase from them again, would love to see some more plant food options, especially ethylphenidate.
natural healing - 2013-08-03 01:25:08
On my first order the package was delivered next day. ery Somewhat disappointed with the purple bombs. Only one out of five seemed to have the effect!
ANOTHER - 2013-08-01 09:59:06
Unfortunately the last two shipments have not got through here in oz so no more fun for me fucking customs!
irv - 2013-08-01 02:21:56
You can't go wrong with these guys. There is no reason to shop anywhere else.
Strebor - 2013-07-31 23:30:27
The Banshi will be the choice I make from this point forward. The purple stuff is not for me. And the Ching needs to make some Change. You all are Tops in the caring and sharing business. Thank You
Barney's Purple - 2013-07-31 16:44:31
Hey All In"Meow" Land! Thanks for the Really Fast Pickup! "GO and "GAINE" I say! Great Stuff!
moostaff - 2013-07-30 00:55:21
Shipment Came Very fast!
AJ - 2013-07-27 03:26:27
Excellent Rcs! My plants are growing so much easier since i give them those salts.........
RAF - 2013-07-26 15:02:02
Mpa this time was much harsher on the nose and throat. Effect fairly decent but needed at least 0.25g for Abu noticable effect
Fairy - 2013-07-25 00:19:03
demon stuff, well worth the money
chewy - 2013-07-24 18:21:32
So far my plant has tried Fairy Dust and reported a mild but decent enough high. MDA was a real letdown, bigger all effect even after half a.gram. Banshee Dust is where it's at so far. Plant says it gave a real pleasant happy high. Plant needs LOTS of water when he had it. Be prepared to sweat your ass off! Real quick delivery times, I'm very impressed. Please get more stock of other stuff to try as plant fancies something new.
Si - 2013-07-24 13:05:25
Great service n fast delivery purchased blow n yep it dies for me great job pity stock low as no blow left restock pppllleeaassse :-):-)
bella - 2013-07-24 10:42:38
excellent service!banshee dust is very good its prob as close to the real thing as your going to get.
sean - 2013-07-24 08:46:47
Bought some fairy dust about 6 months ago and it was very good. Bought some a couple of weeks ago and I think it has been changed slightly because now it is great. I had a great night clubbing on 0.75g - very high, eurphoric, happy but not out of tree so fine to go out with. Will definitely buy some more, very good value. Chronic haze - brill/ trippy don't need much. Products arrived quickly - 2 days after purchase.
Helen - 2013-07-23 21:27:00
Excellent service! Not quite so sure about the banshee dust, great high but comedown like food poisoning...looking for the next best thing...
Catstanz - 2013-07-23 00:23:21
Excellent service as always! Received my order within 24 hrs. Thanks again.
Spice5 - 2013-07-20 11:43:42
Fast and reliable service, brilliant company
Catmando - 2013-07-18 01:15:37
I found the sevice very good and my delivery was on time however im still waiting 4 some R2D2 once its in stock it it ganna happen hope to hear from u soon.
happygo - 2013-07-17 08:51:25
really impressed wi the speed of the delivery, uz are on the ball! Sampled a purple bomb and wtf,both were satisfactory an with very little come down. Will defo be using this site again,tho a little disappointed so many chemicals are out of stock.
original.girlracer - 2013-07-16 07:54:17
Great product, great service. Will definitely use again
Rodboy - 2013-07-15 08:18:16
Loving wtf!! It's a proper nostril cainer like meow back in the day! Good lengthy buzz! Banshee the weaker sister!! Also tried poke and cogaine, I get more of a kick out out a redbull then both combined might has well have been talc!! Meow gone, nrg3 gone, looking for the next best thing!! Just wanna keep the party going!! :) any suggestions anyone?!
Candy - 2013-07-12 00:20:11
Communication between customer and themselves is second to none,absolutly brilliant! Bought poke(mpa) had it before but since name change the product wasn't brill compared to what I've had. Desperate to try madkat so please get some more :) keep it up guys
kim - 2013-07-09 09:06:14
Hi there cheers for the poke it was ok nothing to special however i found that the order of the product and the product arrived as suggested on website that was spot on. Im wondering if Madcat will have ne R2D2 in at some point or B2. Keep up the good work .
DomPom - 2013-07-04 04:47:13
Excellent company to deal with. Products on offer are 100 % better than what is available locally. Advert on telly 'i can't believe its not butter?' These products are better than butter. I've carried out research on columbian. 11/10. Amazing results. R2d2's 10/10. Very reasonably priced and what you buy is the real deal. Apprehensive at first but very satisfied with the professionalism and service. Keep up the good work and I'll place and order soon. Researching poke now as i type. Happy mood again. Crops and plants are coming along fine. Any chance of discount or bonus points for regular customers madcat? Looking forward to your reply. 5 orders placed, could you perhaps throw on a feeble? Don't ask ya don't get. Thanks one again. You class.
John - 2013-07-03 09:40:23
Fast and reliable service, wish I had found this site sooner!! 5 star!
Danny - 2013-07-03 08:25:26
The stuff I ordered was mpa 5 and it was good. Even better when mixed with banshee dust. It came on time and was wrapped in its brown envelope. I've ordered gear twice now and both times the service was excellent. Would recommend it to anyone.
Warren - 2013-07-03 00:31:48
Fast shipping top product for getting stuff done had no tachycardia no hash come down will recommend this site to my friends
mpa - 2013-07-03 00:18:24
Great speedy service again..MPA is very good, sore on the nose though, so skin it
Greg curran - 2013-07-02 18:03:51
keep it legal decrease the weight, n cut it into tiny lies
pop - 2013-07-02 02:55:05
Nice smoke super fast delivery will most definitely be back asap
helly - 2013-07-01 00:32:48
Very quick delivery and great products! Will definitely be a loyal customer!
Dr P - 2013-06-30 03:20:27
recieved Banshee dust after 8 days. was sticky and clumpy and didnt look like .5g...... looked much smaller. had to feed plants with entire .5g to see any growth effect at all. was dissappointed with product but happy with service.

Madcat reply-

Quote 'looked much smaller' , looking at it and deciding it is much smaller, product has to be weighed to know for sure. Our products are strictly the weights that are expected, in fact we go slightly over to be sure.

As for 8 days, overseas shipments take 8 days , sometimes more. The product was fine when shipped but if it kept in a humid environment during shipping it can go clumpy but still works just the same.
the Wej - 2013-06-25 01:07:50
Good company fast delivery. I recommend Madcats products. Please restock MADCAT and B3 . Thanks for the superior coustomer survice.
mudslideslim - 2013-06-24 20:28:08
all i say is on the ball thanks for great stuff company is a 1
ching - 2013-06-21 11:21:33
Trustworthy and conscientious people. Nice one. Banshee dust is ok it does the job, bit of a bad come down thou. Please get more r2d2.
Popey - 2013-06-17 18:34:12
Great products and reliable...never a problem
punx1969 - 2013-06-17 01:22:49
Have ordered Fairy Dust, Banshee Dust and Purple Bombs. Didn't get much from the purple bombs but really enjoyed the Fairy Dust and Banshee Dust. Novice to legal highs so not sure if i'm taking them right (mixed with some juice or water). Maybe someone else out there can offer some advice. Would like to thank the "buymadcat" staff for the excellent service - goods arrived within 2 days of ordering online.
Bangor Mark - 2013-06-16 16:15:08
Good rapid delivery. Enjoyed ching used it for sex night gets uyou horny with Mrs,
Carlos - 2013-06-14 07:09:00
Ordered purple bomb and Euphoria the first time and enjoyed the Euphoria but its been 14 days and I haven't received my second order so I'm not sure if I will be ordering again!

Madcat reply- Item has been sent and we have tracked this item and the tracking information says that this item has been received at the destination. We are looking it this.
Cat - 2013-06-14 00:07:18
well ive been getting purple bombs from this site and im not disappointed at all, these are some of the best pills ive tried for a while since things got banned a couple of years ago,they are just as good as whats on the street, and will keep buying these in the future.
rab - 2013-06-12 15:14:34
Excellent service,quick delivery. I won't be using anyone else again! Keep up the good work guys :)
kimmy - 2013-06-04 09:20:19
well I read the reviews before I place my order and in terms of delivery it was exactly what everyone said... I ordered purple bomb and fairy dust, which arrived within 48 hours... so far my partner night I have only tried to purple bomb. I quite enjoy the feeling in my head and the Upper half of my body.... however even with lots of body contact sexy chat and the rest everything was dead from the waist down... that's why I should of contrast the purple bomb with something else so my dick would work just as well? my partner on the other hand had a terrible time with hot flashes and palpitations and became very anxious. We haven't had a chance yet try the fairy dust but will let you know how we get on. We only tried this cause Mad cat was out of stock. we both get on very well with Mad cat... perhaps you could let us know what else you have that works in a similar way... thanks again for the speedy delivery!
Noel - 2013-06-03 07:01:40
Tried the MPA, fast delivery and was excellent stuff once I got used to it. Have just placed another order and will definitely be back!
Nat - 2013-06-02 23:41:38
Ordered purple bombs and 5- mapb. I got my order within 3-4 days in the US. The product was researched and was better than expected. communication and customer service is the best out of any company . I only order from MadCat because I trust them and know they deliver and won't rip you off.
Jim - 2013-05-30 14:48:04
got the banshee dust, delivered next day. recommend this stuff, blew my socks off!
jim - 2013-05-16 09:58:39
Delivery times fantastic. Tried blue bombs, silly walks, blow, chang, 5-MAPB, banshee dust. All better than the illegal stuff. No killer downers, no nasty edges, and no worries over being locked up. Love it all, and all great for making love on. Bonus.
Jay and Joe - 2013-05-16 03:55:48
Quality service yet again. Only problem I have is all my favourites are out of stock at the moment. Could do with a good restocking. None the less 10/10 for price and value for money!
john Jones - 2013-05-16 00:04:52
R2D2 didn't do it for me (us). I want the stuff happycat had and if it's called madcats mpa then I'll order it now.
albertina rocks - 2013-05-15 18:27:31
Good product and also a great service
marcia - 2013-05-08 13:59:18
the dust till dawn is mpa and a cutting agent, so just get madcats mpa instead. madcats is just pure(?) mpa and cheaper.
happycat - 2013-05-07 01:41:30
the gogaine is buzzing so is R2D2 arrived within 24 hours great service and good for snorting.the gogaine kept me wired all nite,the R2D2 is like a nice clean hit of amphetamine thanks bmc will be using this service again
leezer - 2013-05-05 20:15:37
Banshee Dust was complete rubbish unless you took 3/4 gram then it was mediocre. A complete waste of money
Jen 2302 - 2013-05-02 18:04:37
Brilliant service. Swift delivery. Excellent communications. Will be placing another order soon. Columbian is fantastic. 30 mins of high after every sample. Keep up the good work!
john j - 2013-04-25 09:42:55
SPINNA - 2013-04-24 21:53:25
great products again, prompt delivery.Thanks
Greg Gurran - 2013-04-22 12:05:47
VG service will use again
Pm - 2013-04-19 15:21:01
Package has not arrived yet. But this is common, as it can take up to 5 weeks for purchases to arrive (Brazil). We'll email you as soon as package is received. Thank you for the follow up.
S. Polivoy - 2013-04-18 00:13:29
Really there is no better company to deal with.shipments are fast and reliable....and there product is the best out there
punx69 - 2013-04-17 21:06:24
Last monday got my order here in Mexico and congratulation for a excelente service and product, ordered blow........Keep the good business going while i keep buying , don`t let us down. Thank you
Ricardo - 2013-04-17 17:55:36
tried dust till dawn,china white,b3,gogaine,r2d2,banshee dust,5iai and white mm as part of a research to find a good mephedrone substitute.all decent stims great buzz from gogaine and r2d2 all best bombed especially the r2d2 as it is quite clumpy but lush chemicals.not too heavy come downs either.will keep you up and wired for hours would like to try madcat please restock it.great fast service nice1 bmc.barry!
leezer - 2013-04-15 11:42:54
mad cat do the best mpa av ever had it not cutt with anything unlike all the other web sits, r2 d2 is good:} but must be a different batch as it duzent seem as stronge as it use to:{ Great service again. Highly recommended
hod - 2013-04-11 12:13:17
Ordered r2d2 from here. Delivered within 2 days. The product was damp and clumped. I carried out research that evening. 400mg bombed waited half an hour. Felt nothing. Hot cupped 600mg. Within 5 minutes a feeling of fantastic euphoria for 15 mins. For 2 hours later wave upon wave of the same. Felt better than preban stuff, probably because of a 1000mg hit at once. Was up all night wide awake. Had the best sex ever wid mrs. Bed was ringing wet wid sweat. Felt great all next day although was tired later on at night. Gave a couple of friends a sample and all agree that r2d2 is the dogs bollocks and is better than what's knocking about. Will be placing an order soon. Hopefully the quality will be maintained to continue my research. Thankyou!
john Jones - 2013-04-11 09:12:25
Excellent service, orders are processed and arrive promptly. Product consistency can vary; I bought a .5g WTF! and loved it, but upon receiving my second order of it, I found it to be something quite different (more crystalline and less powdery). Looking at the images, it looked exactly like Silly Walk (the one I really liked) so I just tried ordering that in hopes that that is what it was. Fingers crossed. Either way, these guys get my business! Thanks, much love.
Ovrnightr - 2013-04-10 01:14:00
Prompt delivery again thanks. Banshee dust has turned a bit to speedy for me though.very little sleep.
Greg curran - 2013-04-07 10:37:04
Hi, the envelope arrived late and the RC, R2-D2, was "pasty, doughy" with a weird color. I know every time the batch has a different color but... It was my first time and I don't know I will try again although I have read interesting stuff about this web and its products.

Madcat reply, item was sent on time. How long it takes to arrive is down to postal service and there has been delays recently. If product is exposed to damp it can go clumpy but was fine when sent.
Rigolox - 2013-04-02 22:46:30
Literally the best customer service around! Will never use a different site!
ethan - 2013-03-26 16:59:03
Mixed together I find em lush.not packin the same heat as illegal but do the trick.all best bombed.
Jordan - 2013-03-21 11:04:03
promt delivery every time i put in an order, product purchase banshee dust i find as good as b3 without blockage of nasal passages and sleep after session much better. well done
rupet - 2013-03-21 10:31:01
b3 is great , just make sure it is kept away from the damp, dont keep in your pocket as it can go a bit squidgy but it still does the job.
greg - 2013-03-20 15:57:26
I found the alchemy strong and easy on the head and it did exactly wat it said on the tin.lovely stuff!! I have bought more notch.
Jordan - 2013-03-19 13:39:49
Awsome stuff off my face all night.
little dai - 2013-03-18 11:50:58
Great service again. Highly recommended
Simon Gannon - 2013-03-17 15:01:45
what can i say about buy.m.c. people? the best company on the web, simple as, bring on wednesday night and i place another order and recieve it fast as lightening ! thanks guys
len - 2013-03-16 11:59:28
gogaine highly recomended like the real thing mixed with whizz.
dai the diver - 2013-03-14 14:21:07
banshee dust the best keep up the good work peace.
luke - 2013-03-14 09:33:27
Fast shipping best customer service.
ANGEL - 2013-03-12 15:28:19
Have to say that the service is excellent and the delivery is as fast as you can get. Unfortunately, like some others have commented, the last R2D2 I bought was a bit of a waste as it was so damp and clumpy. Tried swallowing it.....won't try that again!
Shk - 2013-03-12 14:04:23
The 5 MAPB pellets are buzzing !
simon - 2013-03-12 10:43:31
I ordered r2d2 3x in total from madcat.. first 2 times i was really impressed, good fast shipping and loved the stuff!! very energetic, and chatty... not much of a comedown either! however, disappointed with the 3rd batch, it was very clumpy and almost wet, it was no good at all for crushing up :/ thanks for the great service at first!
B4rbie - 2013-03-11 15:38:48
Great service as usual and got a free sample of 5mapb as my original order was not to its normal quality! Have to say 5mapb is good,takes around 90 mins to start working but lasts for 4-6 hours!! However its still quite expensive at £12 a pellet but worth a go. Madcat rocks!!
RAKER1 - 2013-03-08 22:09:18
Fast shipping and the very best customer service. Unforntunatly product quality has been decreased with B3, still a loyal customer.after I ordered b3 I order half gram of wtf but they were out and sent me a whole gram of b3 instead hopefully its better quality this ttime. None the less still my 1#choice when it comes to vendors and is the only site I recocmend to friends
mj - 2013-03-08 13:07:34
good service. I live in the usa and received my package in only 4 days! I ordered 5mapb b3 and r2d2. unfortuntly all i received was the 5mapb and banshee dust which i did not order. I emailed the company and they told me they would be sending my r2d2 and b3 right away. If all goes well with that I'd have to say this is a great company with outstanding customer service. Hope it comes soon!
ethan - 2013-03-05 01:49:19
recent purchase of B3 was a bit of a dissapointment as on receipt it was not its usual white colour slightly brownish and from order to delivery was less than 24hrs and although it had a immeadiate hit it later had an adverse effect on the stomach and although we stayed with B3 till now would like your comments on this prob and poss advice to an eqivalent alternative if you can.Many Thanks
vole - 2013-03-04 12:47:22
these guys are the best in the business. Been using them for long time and never let down. Banshee dust still great. B3 not as nasty smelling as it used to be but still major painful on the nose.
jess - 2013-02-28 18:17:28
Quick service, as usual. Silly walk great as usual.
Derro - 2013-02-27 19:55:37
Prompt, efficient, effective.
ACJ - 2013-02-27 10:31:24
Gogaine Too mild, R2D2 is good
Lilo - 2013-02-26 18:26:21
Great speedy service again.
Greg Curran - 2013-02-26 17:23:15
Bought R2D2, pretty nice, it clumps up in your pocket so becareful.
Gilo - 2013-02-20 07:38:58
All's I can say is this is a company that deserves a reward of greatness
amazing - 2013-02-20 05:51:14
My first time buying from buymadcat and recieved my package today, from experience a very important thing that makes people repurchase from the same website is speedy delivery and believe me buymadcat are fast as lightning with delivery, excellent product, class act....
len - 2013-02-19 10:39:01
rapid delivery, and as a mid 40's long time wreck head, rated chang over blow, but that's just 'cos I'm getting old and like to sleep. Ministry of Silly Walks well worth a try out. Suck 'em and see.
Jason Price - 2013-02-19 10:35:48
recieved two seperate r2d2 packets recently and unfortunately the powder was clumpy and no good for cutting up. As we are not fans of bombing the stuff was a bit of a let down and no good to use very dissapointed as previous purchases were perfect.

Madcat reply

Dear Carlos, Please get in touch so we can sort this out. Items went clumpy in post.
carlos - 2013-02-17 16:33:31
Bought china white and it's great for a night out with friends, i recommend it! Real quick delivery too, thanks :)
Buzz1 - 2013-02-16 14:47:12
Great service, B3 all the way..
Greg Curran - 2013-02-11 09:27:40
Once again a hot n steamy night on R2D2...delivered in 24 hrs..tried 5iai recently just a body buzz and does not substitute for mdma or mephedrone in any way,,not our cup of tea...
Degsy - 2013-02-07 12:38:38
The delivery was super quick and the product Was awesome.. what a great company
anthony - 2013-02-05 04:30:43
Once again i have ordered your product and have yet to be disappointed with your fantastic service and discretion. You delivered earlier than expected this time. I would like to say a massive thanks to all the staff who make the process so simple. Your loyal customer domo x
dom - 2013-01-31 11:06:17
Good service order came in record time b3 was awesome
happy - 2013-01-29 10:47:34
Very speedy delivery on Rush
- 2013-01-29 10:10:22
Delivery was very good. Took 14 days from the day I ordered to the usa. Satisfied with the products purchased. The Banshee was decent and the China White was kinda weak!
Blackboots - 2013-01-28 20:53:08
Excellent product (5 IAI) and great service. Re-ordered from Mr Madcat immediately. Found my new "go to" vendor. Top job guys!
Horatio - 2013-01-28 01:24:04
As an original old skool E head,me and the mrs were looking for a decent stim for use as an aphrodisiac...tried banshee,b3,dust til dawn,sparkle and R2D2....the latter is the one you want to 'sweat it up' with the Mrs for another gram and it arrived once again within 24 hrs which is pretty good going considering we are in Aberdeen and all the snow we've had ...first class service and i'm feeling my first bomb coming on as i type! And dont listen to other 'heads' on this site saying it's no good for sniffing...weight bang on too..happy days ...nice one excuse me while i go and make myself another bomb!
Degsy - 2013-01-24 10:45:12
Excellent service. All good products. Use them any way you want to, singly or together, and simply observe what they can do. Carry on and find out the best way for you.
One - 2013-01-22 02:17:54
R2D2 is da bomb! This stuff kicks it up a notch and then some. Always quick shipping and decent amounts/weight in every packet. Do yourself a favor!
Aero - 2013-01-19 13:12:41
Great stuff great service sorted
Peter r - 2013-01-18 20:03:52
Excellent service
ArtooDetoo - 2013-01-18 01:21:08
Madcat delivered as usual. fine product, looking forward to some more next month. Cheers guys and girls :) P.s got laid and your shit made the whole thing about 200% better! woop woop
Dommo - 2013-01-12 00:20:49
Very good service
- 2013-01-11 06:24:57
The B3 was pretty speedy! Snorted some Big lines and a few mates said they felt sketchy. Columbiana was lovely tho, bit rapey on the nose for the first few lines but after a while stop feeling it :)
OLO - 2013-01-09 11:59:38
B3 is fab! Loved it. A little goes a long way. Makes you rushy and happy and I did not have a massive crash next day. Thanks guys.
Taz - 2013-01-05 17:15:15
Fab service thanks
Jimmy midlands - 2013-01-04 16:50:02
Madaboutit - 2013-01-01 01:33:07
Have used company for long time now and always an excellent service. Banshee by far my fav...1g goes a long way with very nice buzz. B3 not nice anymore..mega painful on nose and smells foul. Fairy dust gives a nice mellow buzz.
jess - 2012-12-29 16:00:02
Fast Shipping Expensive Product. My research on B3 revealed a mixture of about 65% spun powder 20% crystals 10% red/orange chunks 10% sugar from visable observation. Speedy uplifting embraces colors and tracers some light visuals. eat taken 350mg in zigzag, sex till it hurts. I recommend u buy 5g or more at a time otherwise the real thing is cheaper in my neighborhood
Do or Die - 2012-12-29 00:44:50
Excellent service. Staff always ready to help Eg. delay in products being received etc. Not gonna recommend my regular order or you'll ALL be after them and then it would be constantly out of stock when I need it LOL!!! Doesn't matter really what you buy, just use it responsibly!! Placed an order today (27/12/2012) in the hope it will arrive in time for NYE clubbing.... Guys, keep up the excellent service - Happy New Year when it comes!!!
Skintp - 2012-12-27 15:18:08
W.T.F is not bad; its a light high i wud recomend
HOD - 2012-12-27 10:28:24
I have faith as my past orders have gotten to me in a timely manner that is why i come here but placed order 07/12/2012 still have not got it

madcat reply - shipments to the usa can be very slow sometimes and the odd one gets taken by customs. all orders are tracked and if one does go missing it is sent again.
frustrated - 2012-12-26 12:55:41
I have been pleased in the past with orders but still waiting on this order it has been 14 days

madcat reply - shipments to the usa can be very slow sometimes and the odd one gets taken by customs. all orders are tracked and if one does go missing it is sent again.
empty handef - 2012-12-26 08:16:24
well the stuff was not for me but it was good so ive been told, thanks.
pok - 2012-12-21 01:34:11
Parents opened package by mistake. No mad cat for me. Damn! :(
D - 2012-12-13 18:48:33
Ive placed numerous orders and, got, what I asked for each time what a great company whould defenetly recomend them
Punx69 - 2012-12-13 02:12:50
B3 has changed:{ and its not for the best. made me sick and paranoid and like wizzywo said very jittery
HOD - 2012-12-12 18:09:55
excellent service- very speedy
scrubz - 2012-12-12 09:13:01
B3 was not for me. Made me very jittery and paranoid
WizzyWo - 2012-12-11 09:14:49
Silly walk has won over my friends. From my point of view, I've never experienced so many long dizzy spells in my lifw of macho hedonism. So send me more of the same (times 5) plus 2 gs of mad cat. Please send invoice when order can be fulfilled. Thanks guys xx - 2012-12-08 03:32:35
R2d2 is slightly better than the rest.but it appears most of the other ones are exactly the same compound..just in a different package.
Greg curran - 2012-12-06 08:27:09
Great products, very reliable shipping to U.S.
al - 2012-12-03 05:22:49
I would recommend B3 for all your research and collecting needs. Wow that stuff is good!
haych - 2012-12-02 13:39:32
Fantastic fast service, Gogaine great as always still undecided about the Purple Bombs but will give them another go.
PJ's - 2012-12-01 21:50:22
good stuff good weight
banshee dust - 2012-11-17 09:07:50
1st class customer service,really impressed.will be using from now on.
gaz - 2012-11-16 11:45:44
I'm back again!!! most previous order arrived almost two whole days earlier than before (Im in USA) one of the products that I had selected on my order was out of stock, and to compensate for it they went above and way beyond. Instead of putting another in-stock product in my order they doubled it, added two purple bombs, and sent me a sample of a one of my now new favorite's by them!!. Top Dogs!! BuyMadCat should Rule the World!
24vcummins - 2012-10-26 05:30:39
I've been dealling with this company for awhile now there Products are excellent and there service is speedy and very relielable Defenitlly best experience I've had with an online company I'vehad
anthony - 2012-10-26 00:49:30
Have used these guys only a few times so far, but I have been totally floored by their unique, potent, an clean variety of products offered. They have outstanding customer service, and the website couldn't be easier to navigate, and place an order.Hope these guys stay around! Do wish Mad-cat would come back in stock, I have been waiting for the novel item for eons!! lol- Peace!
24vcummins - 2012-10-20 04:44:18
Purple Bomb was a great way to party - nice euphoric high and no nasty come-down
chelseaguy - 2012-10-16 18:22:37
Always super quick shipping ! Banshee is loaded powerful, but beware of dialation for days. Silly walk is also loads of fun and good times. Fairy dust is a good mellow burst, but a burst still that kicks in! Won't be disapointed with any of these.
Aerowise - 2012-10-16 01:22:47
Good product and no dampness or clumps like some others have reported. 6apb and 5apb gave a great 3/4 hour warm social chatty felling but while the comedown was gentle and in no way nasty it did have a speedy feeling where your not high but cant sleep or "turn off" for like the next 7 or 8 hours but hey thats what all RC's are like i have tried. So do your self a favour and add these two to your cart
Al - 2012-10-15 03:08:12
Ordered 2 china whites, my usual tipple, paid £4 for express next day delivery, the ordered arrived 2 days later. Must've been a bad batch of the china white because usually it's a nice happy buzz but this time it just gave me a headache and didn't get me up at all.
China Shite - 2012-10-10 19:12:48
Hi - Love the Fairy Dust. It is light and lively and keeps you awake (but not too long). Thanks guys.
Tinkerbell33 - 2012-10-04 19:36:24
banshee dust is good.
- 2012-10-02 10:56:18
so sorry for not leaving a review sooner . to WWW.BUYMADCAT.COM i have ordered from them them 4 times and all i got to say is wow there BANSHEE DUST IS FUCK,,,, awesome
eoiny - 2012-09-22 00:31:34
Love the products, tried the banshee dust, silly walk and 5apb.I was impressed with all 3. The customer service and the shipping are both first rate.
John - 2012-09-22 00:17:03
good delivery, I just dabbed my finger end into a little fairydust and licked it, nice buzz for 2 to 3 did the job
peter - 2012-09-17 08:20:57
Shipping to USA was really good, less than 10 days but the Banshee was really weak, my friends were thoroughly disappointed at our house warming party. It's like somebody forgot to put the RC in the filler.
Superjames - 2012-09-16 15:31:36
Most of the good stuff will be gone soon, all that will be left is the american crap-like poke and dusk till dawn which are pants....good bye madcat
Simon Gannon - 2012-09-05 16:13:54
Great service. Great Silly Walk. Thanks again Madcat
Derro - 2012-09-05 09:11:27
Banshee Dust, one of the best out there! Like mdma euphoric type stimulant. Cant sleep for hours but great buzz
Steph and jay - 2012-09-02 05:52:17
Delivery was on time, product professionally packed--discreet. If any of this stuff is not balanced into your life with proper food intake and short, reasonable doses, you will end up sorrowing. Like any triple re-uptake inhibitor, you can burn all of your "happy" out, which is not cool. Carefully taken, it is a nootropic, aphrodisiac and mood elevator. Taken like candy, one might become a raging borderline personality...or worse.
Alex - 2012-09-01 17:44:42
Great service, quick delivery.r2d2 is the best iv tryd, not much come down, you dont even no you have had it the next day but be careful, only low dose it powerful .b3 is just ok you feel empty after a hour, i would give it only 3 stars
hod - 2012-08-31 18:31:44
My first order with ur company o tried out the fairy dust..wanted to try madcat and r2d2 but the were out. Jumped right in and bombed half a gram..the feelings were amazing..super horny..lasted for about 4hrs then did another half I want to see if the banchee is better like they say...would love to try the r2d2..will most definently be researching more of madcats products..10yrs of marriage and this just spiced up another ten I'm sure...thank I madcat
fujimo - 2012-08-31 00:47:16
I was expecting more uummpp.
dixie - 2012-08-24 16:25:20
This stuff is way too moist it clumps up, absolutely horrible
Dolzshine - 2012-08-24 00:56:37
delivery 1st class and so was the product i received
jt - 2012-08-23 18:58:36
Slight problem with delivery, but was more an oversight on my part.B3 still the best. Put it in a capsule for much stronger buzz...
Simon gannon - 2012-08-18 21:58:42
Second purchase of mdai to the same address, first by the wife. First experience was rather good, with excellent and prompt service. Second experience with the same product was pretty horrible. Product very damp and clumpy. Racing heart rate, a very unpleasent experience. Experience and product nothing like previous experience, however again the customer service was second to none and delivery very prompt with product arriving the next working day!
BOB - 2012-08-18 02:35:16
hey im very impressed with everything so far !!! love the sparkle dust just gives you an all round nice happy feeling, B3 is totes amazing but has sadly been sold out for a while now had a little r2d2 & again made you feel good !! tried gokaine last weekendvery harsh on nose so will be bombing in future! did do banshee back along & that was my least fave as makes you very chammy & dehydrated!! want to try madcat but always sold out!! thanx again guys xxx
poofy kooch - 2012-08-16 19:33:30
Fast delivery , r2d2 ha an amazing high although at times felt like I was about to swallow my tounge it was fun . Come down wasn't great but that could of been the othe stuff I took with it . Will deffo use again . Looking at trying cogaine will report back on that 1 :)
Chelsee - 2012-08-16 16:19:39
I've had several deliveries of B3 now, I can't believe this product is legal. I'm older than your average party animal, and yes, I should know better. I'm ashamed to admit I bombed a gram. **** me, the rush, the bright lights. It's stronger than any speed I've ever done simple as. Great for sex, partying, clubbing although I sweat like a man possessed. If you've not tried it, don't be a mad bastard like me. Just try a quarter gram wrapped in a Rizla - see how you get on. I can imagine someone with heart problems/high blood preasure etc, bangin' trouble if they do what I did. I will be putting another order in.
DJ Buzz - 2012-08-15 14:24:05
Great service as usual. Silly walk is great but the previous lot turned to a gooey paste. Still worked fine though. Don't know if it was humid weather or altered chemicals. Same thing happened to our friends. Didn't happen to our last order though. Strange!!! Tried some B3 of our friends. Loved it!! Very UP and floaty. You've sold out. Boo hoo!! More silly walk Then. Cheers!!!!
Derro - 2012-08-15 09:49:06
fast delivery,china white nice stuff will try again.
tg - 2012-08-12 14:22:23
Ordered b3 which this time unfortunately was I think damp and a odd brown colour unable to cut it up. Shame as have had it before and enjoyed the product but this was well below normal. Took photo if you would like to see what I mean would appreciate any feedback on this matter cheers

madcat reply, product had got damp in transit. Was ok before being sent, we will be in touch over this.
Carlos - 2012-08-06 02:08:55
The B3 is fantastic. Best thing for ages. Cheerful and uplifting and able to sleep. Can't wait to do again.
Lizzie - 2012-08-02 13:17:28
MDAI contented lovey dovey slightly sedation buzz. Very nice and no noticable comedown bad effects. Would definately buy again. Product arrive very quickly.
Helen - 2012-07-30 15:03:34
Purple for lovers . ... hot as hell ....B3 ... wow ... party on bitches ... great service,always ... love from South Aus
chuffedtabits - 2012-07-30 04:01:05
mix em all up and bombs away its the way to go hey
waz - 2012-07-30 02:36:23
quality stuff,r2-d2 great buzz although theres a taste for more off it!!love your service , very reliable!! wil be purchasing more products from this company for definite!! thank you
r2d2 lreland - 2012-07-24 22:47:42
Bit of a problem with delivery .... but finally sorted. Had a great night with 6ATP and R2D2. Clubbing 'til 6pm and partying until 10am. I'll be back!
skinbristol - 2012-07-23 02:18:31
The last order was really bad quality, Purple pill all crushed and Bezo guru was wet and like a brown paste.. I was promised a replacment but it never came. Not too happy.

madcat reply - items got damaged in transit, were ok when sent.

Replacements were sent but there was a delay because replacement items were out of stock.This review was written before we could replace items.

These things happen, we tried our best.
Mark Davis - 2012-07-19 07:11:09
really pleased with the promp delivery and b3 is the best yetand the mate i share with it gives us agood kick and the nearest yet we have tried to the real gear. The only side effects is nasal congestion. will be back again shortly.F*** the blockage we enjoy the hit.
dave - 2012-07-14 20:07:08
Fairy Dust was very nice gentle high great for going out or evening in. Would definately buy again. Also received product very quickly
Helen - 2012-07-14 13:29:25
who is on legal drugs here,,allready posted?
MAD4-MCAT - 2012-07-14 05:12:06
Great service yet again, B3 has changed slightly..but still good though just need more.
Simon Gannon - 2012-07-10 13:50:23
all i can say is at this rate ile have to spend 1000s to get anywhere near the original buzz of methadrone, buyers dont get me rong i aint giving up yet i will be returning to this site formore stuff, when my last order i got this week! cost a "mad monky" runs out soon i will return products just wish it was mad cat not the alternatives in stock...i need more strenth..BUT4now have fun stay safe "lol"
MAD4-MCAT - 2012-07-10 13:30:49
Had B3 and fairy dust as banshee was outta stock :( need more fairy dust than banshee but when your up it's a nice High. B3 v harsh on the nose so found it was better bombed :)
Lick - 2012-07-09 00:35:19
The B3 is fantastic and one of the best legals I've had for some time. Highly recommended.
Tessie-T - 2012-07-08 19:29:24
got the wtf and did all at 1 time.nothing!as i said before(e-mail)all i got for my $ was a stuffy nose (3 days)and a week long fight with the wife when she found out what i ordered.I wish i would have tried a different product that had good sure some of them have to have some pizzaz.
yuckfoutoo - 2012-07-05 01:46:10
great company, amazing quick service....items arrived within 24 hours...i had no idea the post could work that fast!!! and great wonder things keep going out of stock!! will be back again soon!! thanks!! ps to the big review below and all others....dont insufflate banshee.......urgh!!! bomb it and enjoy! but its for partying...not for sleeping so if you want to sleep - try a horlicks....give the banshee a miss!!!
good-girl turned bad by CS!!! xx - 2012-07-04 13:49:14
Well we are new to the world of legal highs but have been enjoying the excellent service of Madcat for a month or so now. We have really appreciated the comments on here in helping us chose different products. The purple Pill just gave us a head rush really, so not greatly impressed. MadCat and and 5IAI we found great for keeping us awake and going, nice and relaxed and chatty to. However, so far MDAI is one of our fav's but overall B3 we adore. The first couple of times I guess we were (rightly) cautious in how much we used, but now have got that right we are loving nights on the stuff - really gets you in the mood for fun ;-)) We'd agree with the other comments on here about no come down (so far), the only down side we have found is that it makes us really thirsty and slightly dehydrated. This lasts until the effects wear off and then we seem to piss for hours! ...odd, but a small price to pay. Also tried Alchemy, similar effects but it does impact on your sleeping ability (not too much problem with B3 and MDAI followed by a small 'Nitol' tablet... want to try some more, so people keep the reviews coming in! Kep up the good work Madcat
Andy & Jon - 2012-07-03 17:19:20
Love it
JB - 2012-07-02 19:31:51
Yet again great service, prompt delivery, b3 is best, r2d2 has changed for the worst though.
Simon gammon - 2012-06-28 19:35:05
Ordered Silly Walk, arrived the next day. How's that for good "speedy" service. Great stuff! Cheers
Derro - 2012-06-28 09:31:19
Banshee ------- Awful. You get a nice buzz of euphoria and empathy for about 10 mins. The crash is horrible. You will want to re-dose to avoid the horrible come down. It hurts on the nose and tastes nasty. Dilated pupils for more than a day to add too, so be warned. R2-D2 ----- The best RC I've ever had. It's the ideal choice for chem sex. It's smooth on the way up and is easy to re-dose when you feel the need to, BUT BE CAREFUL! R2-D2 is very more-ish. Time will flyby very easy. It makes you feel disconnected with time and you will always feel like one more... It has no horrible taste, in fact you'll be loving it, trying to lick out the rest of the sachet. R2-D2 takes maybe 10-20 mins to kick in and offers nothing but euphoria. It will make you hyper active, horny, very open, honest and chatty. Be sure to go off messenger and turn off your phone lol. The come down is fine. It's possible to sleep on it too. The after effects are pretty mild if you've eaten, taken some vitamins and remained hydrated. It will make you not hungry for the rest of the day. You'll also feel slightly groggy with some mild nausea but nothing big. It will be very much like a night out of heavy drinking. It leaves no dilated pupils or signs either, another plus. Depending on how much you had you may look a bit washed out and out of the ordinary. Get some reasonable sleep, hydrated and wash up. If you're using it for chem sex with a partner or on a porno session, you'll be very uninhibited and extremely super horny, being very open to explore you desires. You'll discover something new about yourself. In many ways you'll feel sexually liberated. Highly recommended but always take in moderation. Stay safe. That was the old RD-D2. The new RD-D2 is very different. It doesn't offer the euphoria or the buzz it used to. The chems have been changed and it offers nothing more than a mild buzz that drops pretty fast. MadCat ------ The old MadCat that used to be sold in high street sex shops was the same as my review for classic R2-D2. In fact the revised MadCat from this site although of a different formula delivers the same results. It's a green clumpy moist powder that really can't be cut. So just take a sensible amount with each dose. It can sting at first but once your high the sensation will pass and you'll be loving it. Effects take about 15-25 mins to kick in. You'll get hyper active, super horny, empathetic, honest and very chatty. Be careful who you chat to and who you open up to when on MadCat. Keep it to a good friend or someone you trust. The effects don't last as long as R2-D2 used too but you'll get a night's session out of a gram easy, maybe 2 sessions depending. MadCat is bliss. If you're using it for chem sex or a porno session, the same as R2-D2, you'll be explore your new sexual side. Discovering things you like that you wouldn't admit to or realised. If you take an extra amount on your normal dose you'll recreate effects similar to mephedrone where you'll feel euphoric and open but you'll notice your head spin, finding it funny to walk, everything swerving. You'll feel truly fu**ed for a good 15-20 mins. The side effects are not as mild as classic R2-D2. You'll feel groggy and suffer mild nausea. It will vary depending on how hydrated you kept yourself as well as if you ate anything healthy to replenish what you lost. You may look a little knocked out too depending on how much you had. Get hydrated, get some reasonable sleep and wash up before you head out. MadCat doesn't leave dilated pupils either. Alchemy ------- Haven't given this a proper try as I've not seen or heard enough user opinion on it. It's said to be a mild buzz compared to MadCat but I've yet to feel the buzz. I can say it's not pleasant on the way up. Those are my reviews. Have fun and stay logically minded and safe at all times.
Adrian - 2012-06-17 21:44:31
b3 very good,last for ages better than most out there..would defo buy again .the day after you dont feel to bad...good customer service and quick dilivery.. very happy customer thanks :-)
teresa - 2012-06-16 14:48:36
SECTIONED better than expected, as good as Banshee! but Alchemy was impossible to sleep on!!
RAKER1 - 2012-06-14 23:38:30
very good service and great stuff in the shop, thanks !!! I'm very satisfied
- 2012-06-13 21:53:18
Kamikaze!!!! Fun Fun Fun
Porkchop - 2012-06-08 04:31:24
I may have at a party, mdoh too. I was TOAST though so can't be sure of either lol
Peter Parker - 2012-06-08 02:05:35
LOL 2ci, custom synthesis? And call laugh or call me a new guy, thats fine. This whole rc gig is new to me due to the lack of the natural enjoyments i left back home.
TheFlow - 2012-06-08 01:46:56
Excellent Product and Quick Delivery
Chris - 2012-06-07 11:50:43
chronic haze,,good stuff,,thanks
BADDULTS - 2012-06-06 15:38:22
racked a decent amount of banshee, china, 5iai, 5apb, mad cat not bad but not quite there any suggestions?
waz - 2012-06-01 03:26:41
Great service, quick delivery. Fairy dust and benzo are the best...
Simon Gannon - 2012-05-31 22:34:35
Had a few great nights in on Banshee Dust. Worked in many nightclubs in the past so know the score so to speak! The best thing about it is you can order it online Happy Days :-) Delivery service very fast too.
Ian - 2012-05-26 08:58:14
Gr8 service, Gr8 products. The Banshee is fiery, but Alchemy numbs the pain. REMEMBER it is easy to dose yourself more to get the desired effect, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove what has already been taken. Stay safe XOXOX
legalhighs420 - 2012-05-26 00:25:43
Used purple bombs which me and Mrs loved got us nice and horny. Small error with order which was sorted straight away with free sample of b3 also good. Would say madcat still my favourite
carl - 2012-05-24 16:34:28
I mistakenly ordered MADCAT instead of banshee dust. When I reordered banshee I explained my mistake and was sent an extra complimentary gram ,excellent costomer service ,will defo use MADCAT again .
billy - 2012-05-24 10:14:51
B3 is the best so far... loved the banshee too...
Jimmy - 2012-05-24 00:32:15
Great customer service, B3- VERY GOOD.
Helen - 2012-05-23 09:44:37
Banshee, when its good its very good,but when its not its not! Varies alot so going to try the B3 and Sectioned next.Service is excellent!!
RAKER1 - 2012-05-21 22:28:03
Tha Boom Tings Trust me but does have some minor side effects e.g. a bit of a sore throat if used unwisely
BuzzBee - 2012-05-20 15:37:01
B3 was great... and no massive come down...
Nige - 2012-05-19 13:01:34
tried the b3 last weekend, bombed around a third of a gram and the come-up is very quick. Lots of rushes, would say that it is better than most mdma around at the moment. Defiantly worth a try, one of the best legal highs i've tried.
john - 2012-05-14 10:01:30
First class customer service but concerned that the second package came in different (less glamorous) cardboard with staples and (therefore?) doesn't seem to have the same effect. The incense tastes horrible but the first batch had a fantastic, chatty effect and very little problem the next day. So all in all, probably better than the real stuff!
Simon - 2012-05-14 08:31:28
Great customer service - received products very quickly after ordering. R2D2 - good euphoric effect, quite stingy but worth it. B3 - very nice. Happy, chatty effect, no comedown.
Helen - 2012-05-11 11:56:52
Great quick delivery of r2d2
sharon - 2012-05-10 23:12:29
Great service, really quick delivery!
Johnny hopkins - 2012-05-09 21:54:37
Great service guys! Really fast delivery including coutesy call to offer free sample gram. Cool! My plants have gone crazy for banshee dust and madkat but especially the former. Thanks a million!
adey - 2012-05-03 19:29:48
Poodle try the fairy dust nice gentle high!!!
KTshaun - 2012-04-29 01:12:44
Hi guys. Great service as always. However, tried Sectioned and just one amount was crazy. We didn't do anymore as we found it unpleasant. I would say the name says what it is and if that's where you want to go then fine. But not for us.
Poodle - 2012-04-25 11:49:45
great customer service and product!! back for more banshee soon! thanks
clare - 2012-04-20 23:38:51
Always a fantastic service, usually order banshee which is great, recently tried the B3 which is very good close to mdma definately worth a try you will love it !!!
Kt shaun - 2012-04-19 21:57:30
Bought purple bombs, r2d2 and mad cat. Great night. Got sent some WTF and B3. Anyone tried them yet? Superb service - delivered the next day
skinbristol - 2012-04-17 19:09:07
Ordered 1g of MadCat to Sydney, order was processed and shipped immediately and arrived in amazingly quick time. Very pleased with the product and the high level of customer service. The product itself is the closest thing to mephedrone I have tried to date :)
Ben - (Sydney, Australia) - 2012-04-16 12:13:06
bloody good serious shit from this company. quick reliable and very rewarding to loyal customers. gonna miss that mxe but banshee is fab and am sure a replacement to mxe will be found soon. btw what the fuck is WTF and loving b3. thanks guys
jess - 2012-04-14 03:03:00
Love the Silly Walk. Great customer service. Thanks guys
Derro - 2012-03-31 11:42:37
I purchased a quantity of mad cat, I have in the past, tried illegal uppers and trips, and the usual pills, I would say, Mad cat is more like LSD or ket, than speed, and is very very strong, I think if you overdid it ? you could be in A&E. Its best to take 1 line, wait 1 hour, and then see what happens. The other night, I mistakenly took 1/2 gram, and it was too much, It was a real "ket " out of body experience, I couldnt make it to the kitchen. Its because a lot of the other legal highs are weak, and low powered, Mad Cat is not. Its kick ass. I would respect this powder., or watch it. .
John - 2012-03-28 15:33:28
Banshee Dust is amazing!! - need to bomb a decent amount but has great horny effects for hours! - absolutely brilliant! and highly recommended - I needed a repeat every 4 or so hours just to keep that amazing level of euphoria, but that meant that couldn't really sleep normally for two days! Any suggestions on how to address this would be welcome :)
Spice 5 - 2012-03-16 18:03:54
tried fairy dust, r2d2 and mad cat. All harsh on the nose compared to original pf. R2d2 was the closest to pf buy dam do not snort that stuff, it caines, euphoria lasted around 45 mins, all had a wired effect, 10x stronger than speed. Even valium won't put u sleep, not moreish on the night, shared with a friend, 1/2 g each night which is wierd cause we would normally bosh anything we got until it's gone. Buy next day after an hr of sleep we were ready for the next night. So 3 nights later and tops 6 hr sleep, we felt le shit! I would definitely buy it again though cause the r2d2 is the closest, although it's not. Brilliant if u at a rave, but we tend to sit in in evenings so not so great for that cause u simply get no fuckin sleep.
Carrie - 2012-02-23 11:35:03
Love the Fairy Dust and Silly Walk. Great value for money and ongoing first class customer service. Great site and great products.
Ruby Tuesday - 2012-02-16 18:39:35
Tried various legal highs from this site but Alchemy is by far the best hit so now always re-order it! Fantastic customer service from these guys so will be using this site always x
Frugle - 2012-02-07 10:06:44
As usual the best customer service. I am a.regular customer and have now recommended at least 20 people to this site (I should be on commission! Lol). I have tried all products and love them all!! Ignore any of the negative reviews as all are amazing! My favorite at the moment are the purple bombs, they are amazing and as all of the products, fabulous for sex too, just make sure you have some viagra handy!! See you soon Madcat for more supplies... Mx
Markieboi - 2012-02-02 10:07:28
Used this site for some time as excellent service and constant quality of purchases. Recently tried Fairy Dust. Fab fun time - not as mad as Banshee Dust,MDAI or Silly Walk. Definitely will buy again.
Twinkle Toes - 2012-01-31 15:50:48
great service. seem to be getting tolerant to banshee dust so mayb magic next time as reviews look good. MXE....great stuff, very near to real thing
jess - 2012-01-12 11:38:58
Ordered madcat and received in good time. product was as good as usual. Bombed in cigarette papers.
Chris - 2012-01-03 20:37:37
MDAI great, though madcat was a bit vinegary and not as good as normal I have bought it a few times and it has always been great so a teeeny bit disappointed... Delivery as always was prompt.
Smeloise - 2012-01-03 14:42:34
banshee dust very disappointing high and a complete loss of intelligence for about 2days after, not worth the money. the company however are very professional and a pleasure to deal with
Jeff - 2011-12-17 19:53:35
cheers again! repeat customer - banshee and mdai are my faves and now branching into mxe.....
tayloid - 2011-12-11 15:47:50
Hi i bought that R2-D2 stuff, and to be honest i didnt get what was in the picture the picture is yellowy crystal like, where as i got the white thick clumpy powder from the other pics, think its all the same stuff :/ or maybe a mistake. Wont be ordering again. Cheers

Buymadcat reply- Research chems do vary in colour and texture from batch to batch, as a retailer we do not have any control over it as they are made in overseas labs.
Chuckie - not the evil doll - 2011-12-09 00:30:18
banshee - great for a night out but dont take it too late as you wont sleep, allow a good 2-3 hours before sleep - and dont insufflate! just bomb on an empty stomach and you will feel it in 20-30 mins. mdai however, insufflate and it will hit you quicker and you can sleep after it wears off - good for going out and even better for a night in - thanks!
tayloid - 2011-12-06 14:14:23
Bought mad cat, alchemy and r2d2. Had a fantastic night!
skinbristol - 2011-11-29 00:21:41
R2D2 good gear when taken in moderation very close to meow but the down side not so good as meow!5IAi is in my opinion more like a seditive effect but ok.
markos - 2011-11-18 20:25:46
RDD2 good gear when taken in moderation very close to meow but the down side not so good as meow!MDAI is in my opinion more like a seditive effect but ok.
markos - 2011-11-18 20:22:26
New blue Madcat is horrible on the nose......the old green was was good from their end but Royal mail were useless as they lost one of my orders!
MadMark - 2011-11-09 05:20:25
Love the site, love the service, love the products, no complaints about any of it. Top tip: Banshee I find is better drunk in a coffee than insufflated, due to the stinginess, takes about 20-30 minutes to come on but lasts for hours, difficult to find the goldilocks zone though, too little, no effect, too much, no sleep for 2 days, tricky, but worth the experimentation! About 20-30mg is about right for me, deffo no more than 100mg in one day unless you truly have nothing to do for the next few!
WiL - 2011-11-01 18:29:52
Delivered next day - on a Saturday so had a great night out!
skinbristol - 2011-10-11 00:55:46
great buzz,,keeps u awake ages,,thanks guys
baddults - 2011-10-03 10:46:01
Banshee Dust is niiice! Reminds me of AMT and MPA combined but without the nasty smell.
Wilf - 2011-09-10 10:53:30
good buzz,,but should come with a fire extinguisher for the nasal cavaties, burns like HELL, !!
the badults - 2011-09-08 13:41:47
Banshee and mdai great! Not tried purple pill - need to get more brave! X
ms taylor - 2011-09-04 14:36:19
love the banshee - 30 mins to work and lasts a long time - makes for a great night out! also tried the mdai - not as good as the real thing (what is) - but more mellow - though keep water handy - it creates a major thirst!!! thanks - i am already a repeat customer!
Clare - 2011-08-23 11:41:39
Madcat is good. Keeps you awake forever and not great mixed with booze
No name - 2011-07-21 14:16:01
Fantastic customer service, gave me advice on what i was needing and speedy delivery! Using this everytime
Rach - 2011-07-20 00:38:41
The silly walk is great. Not as mad as it sounds but happy and wakeful. Enjoy!
Twinkle Toes - 2011-07-05 11:40:58
R2-D2 revue

7.30 I snorted about 100mg….. BAD IDEA!!! This is definatley not for snorting. I was in severe pain for at least an hour. I felt glowy and content after the pain had gone. 10.00pm I took 200mg in a cap and after about 30 mins it was almost like a methedrone buzz. I took another 200mg about 12 and the rushes came in waves. I went abit silly after that and took the rest all at once. The psychological affects started to kick in about 1/12 hours of trying it. They are as follows:

Alertness is enhanced Chatty Content Slightly euphoric ? This is probably the nearest thing I have had to meph lately and the buzz is almost there. ? Now the downside…. I havent slept for two nights and threw up violently all day yesterday. (could be coz I hadn’t eaten) This stuff needs a good 2 days to recover from. Bare in mind I hadent eaten much that day and I didn’t sleep well. But it is very very speedy and will keep you up for 2-3 nights. I reckon that as long as you eat properly and drink plenty of water in moderation it’s a nice chem that is the nearest to mephedrone I have had since it was banned.
jasen - 2011-07-01 14:29:41
The Banshee Dust is great. It takes a little while to come on but is great and a little goes a long way. Have fun!
Truly W - 2011-06-21 16:31:09
Alchamy, very smooth, took about ten miniutes to be compleatly buzzing, will revisit again,top marks,,
Sigg - 2011-06-18 03:56:23
banshee dust is great, the buzz is really euphoric with no paranoia. You have to snort a fair bit and ignore the sting of it. It takes a while to come up but lasts ages without constant urges to do more. I'd say it is like the old skool e's from the 90's , one of the best RC's out there since mephedrone.
richard - 2011-06-02 10:17:21
i really liked the banshee dust :-) though it did take ages to come up on... I also tested a small quantity one night and it had zero effect...
molly - 2011-06-01 10:19:45
magic ok alchemy ok new banshy dust yuk
bern - 2011-06-01 09:12:38
Personal and professional service and magical products. Keep up the good work!
Twinkle Toes - 2011-05-28 17:20:55
Magic is the best!!!!!!
daz - 2011-05-28 13:10:13
I am so impressed with the excellent customer service and consistency of products. I have recommended this site to my friends and will continue to be a valued customer.
Twinkle Toes - 2011-05-25 20:21:00
Magic: Wicked stuff. works wonders. AMAZING! but play safe with strong stuff - dont over do it. Screaming Banshee: went in bin.
MiNx - 2011-05-25 19:21:36
1st class service and Magic is just awesome!!
Scone - 2011-05-22 18:53:01
I just LOVE **MAGIC**
pach - 2011-04-17 11:26:02
I bought some stuff and had some delays with delivery in Italy, the guys from buymadcat where gr8, very caring in solving it and even sent me a gift... the stuff is gr8 and recommend this website 100%. Cheers guys!!!!
Fabio Italy - 2011-03-26 10:11:57
Horrible stuff... worst come down ever off this stuff, cant sleep and your brain wont work for at least 3 days after. Not worth it
PP - 2011-03-16 08:42:53
awesome stuff, i really like the magic! Going to order alot soon thanks!
darren - 2011-02-02 18:47:19
Last batch on Madcat was the best yet.
Jandy - 2011-01-30 10:09:18
5 IAa mmmmmm.... Yah man
5 iai - 2011-01-20 11:25:11
madcat was awesome and so was the free sample of magic, i have used many of the other sites selling RC and been disappointed but buymadcat,com is by far the best i have dealt with,thank you,will be using you again in the near future, regards colin.
colin wyatt - 2011-01-02 15:26:51
mad cat is nearly as good as methadrone...
billy - 2010-12-30 17:07:54
good customer service but the product lets it down
james - 2010-12-26 12:44:48
great shit!
don - 2010-12-01 17:43:15
nice one guys keep up the good work... almost as good as mephedrone and still legal!
xxx - 2010-12-01 15:54:00
this drug is good shit man thank you :-)
Mikey Mike - 2010-11-22 15:43:47
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